DOE and DOJ Guidance on Education for Confined Juvenile Students

On December 8, 2014, the United States Department of Education and the Department of Justice issued a four part set of guidance for assisting both state and local educational agencies in addressing and strengthening the educational services provided to students in juvenile facilities.

The guidance consists of:
Guiding Principles for Providing High-Quality Education in Juvenile Justice Secure Care Settings

Dear Colleague Letter on Individuals with Disabilities Education Act for Students with Disabilities in Correctional Facilities

Dear Colleague Letter on the Civil Rights of Students in Juvenile Justice Residential Facilities

Dear Colleague Letter on Access to Pell Grants for Students in Juvenile Justice Facilities

The guidance is a continuation of the recommendations found in My Brother’s Keeper Task Force report released in May of 2014.

if you have questions regarding this guidance or civil rights and special education issues for schools, please contact Dina Atwood or Patti Page .