Child Abuse Reporting Under Act 60.

The Department for Children and Families now has a mandatory reporters webpage, describing reporting requirements and procedures as of July 1, 2015, when the new abuse reporting law (Act 60) became effective. The webpage answers frequently asked questions about how and when to report and reporting procedures, provides telephone numbers for reporting and other reporting information, provides information about upcoming trainings offered through DCF, and describes potential criminal penalties for failure to make timely reports. Follow the link:

It is important for all who are defined as mandatory reporters—which includes virtually all school employees and those under contract with school district to provide services to children – to review this information to understand their individual responsibilities (and potential liability) under the law. The page emphasizes that the law requires reports to be made within 24 hours by the legally mandated reporter, and the mandated reporter will be liable if a timely report is not made. The page recommends that, where several people in the same organization need to report, that they do so as a group. Follow the link for specific information.