Special Education, 504/ADA, and Civil Rights


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When public entities are accused of violating the civil and human rights of an individual, it’s a serious matter. They need the right partner by their side to see them through the investigative, legal, and regulatory process.

Schools districts and other public entities are often faced with alleged denials or deprivations of civil and human rights protected under state or federal statutory law, or constitutional provision. These allegations may include matters related to special education, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Protection of the rights of public entities in these instances requires a prompt response, knowledge of the substantive law, and attention to detail.

The attorneys at Stitzel Page & Fletcher are particularly familiar with these laws and their application. We have extensive experience investigating and responding to alleged violations of Vermont state special education laws and the IDEIA. Section 504 litigation is a major component of our practice, and we assist our clients in developing, refining, and implementing compliance policies and procedures in this area. For an organization facing a claim that it violated these or any other education laws and enactments, we can help in resolving or defending the claim.