Municipal Finance, Infrastructure and Taxation


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The fiscal operation of municipalities, and the financing and construction of capital improvement projects, requires careful guidance to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.

Stitzel Page & Fletcher is highly experienced in all aspects of municipal finance and public infrastructure development, including public building construction, highway, water, wastewater, and renewable energy projects. We can guide our clients as they seek and obtain bonding authority, publically bid projects, select designers and contractors, develop construction contract documents, obtain permits, and award contracts. We also have experience resolving disputes that may arise from municipal operations.

If and when public necessity and convenience so demand, our attorneys can also assist municipalities to acquire property through negotiation or eminent domain.

Tax assessment and collection, and the preservation of municipal resources, are essential to the operation and functioning of municipal government. We regularly advise clients on the management of public monies, the establishment and defense of the grand list, and the setting up of Tax Increment Financing or special assessment districts. We help navigate tax exemption or abatement issues, and provide guidance on the “taxability” of time-share or property interests. We regularly represent municipalities before State Appraisers, in Superior Courts in tax appeals, and before the Vermont Supreme Court.